Beach Hotel Bos & Duin is located near the forest “De Manteling”. This forestm with its unique growth, runs as wide as the historic outskirts of Domburg.
The beach is located only 500 yards from the hotel. After a short walk through the dunes, you will discover one of the widest and cleanest beaches of Holland. You can recognize the clean beaches by the ‘blue flags’, they are a symbol of vlean and safe waters, beautiful nature and a healthy environment.

As a modern hotel, we appreciate our surroundings, we gladly contribute in the future of people and environment.
It speaks for itself: we seperate all of our disposable waiste. We recycle paperwork and we work with fair trade linen within the hotel. Also guests can make their contribution: you can use a towel for 2 days, in that way we save (bi time!) on washing costs, detergents and therefore: the environment.


Responsible work ethics are achieved in our kitchen. The products which we use in our kitchen, are mostly delivered by local regions and companies: Fresh eggs from a farmer in Oostkapelle, cheeses which are produced nearby. The same goes for the potatoes, we retrieved them out of regional clay.


We are a proud provider of work for trainees. These trainees are not only Dutch citizens, but also German and Belgian students like to work in the hotel business. We are also a partner for people who are not typicaly good learners. We can guide them in the learning ad work process throughout the trainee periods. By following these steps, we hope to contribute in our society. Working and learning should be a privilege that ALL people can experience.

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