Team Building

We are colaborating with multiple partners. Together with these partners, we achieve the goal of mental and physical fitness during a long or intensive meeting.

And we literaly mean: outdoor! Not just waving the arms around during a 5 minute warm-up, but talking the time (one hour) and enjoying the outlife. Going to the beacch, sniffing the salty air. For some, this sounds like a waste of time, but you will see afterwards: staff meetings will become more productive and efficient.

There’s lots of space for a relaxed outdoor activity: one of the most beautiful beaches is situated near our hotel. Depending on the group’s nature, it can choose between calm or a bit more intensified set of activities. A mix of the two categories is also an option ofcourse. As you can see: possibilities to get a full workout, but always according to the plan of building your team’s cohesion.

What are the activities, the instruments to achieve a proper team building session?
We have a load of options: beach sports, a puzzle ride (or walk), riding a Soles. But also: Tai Chi lessons on the beach and wrope pulling. Each group is unique, so also the programms for team building should be as such…

Per person: € 12,50 to  € 80,- (depending on the exact programm and activities).

Small group? Not to worry…

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